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Win More Work by Bossing Your Habits and Your Calender

Win More Work by Bossing Your Habits and Your Calender

You Are Your Calendar

Rob Brown here from the BD Academy with BD Bullets Number Six. We share BD strategies and tips with predominantly accountants and lawyers, but generally technically strong people that are not so good at winning the business.

Today’s topic is on you and your calendar or your diary. This is a great video from Tom Peters, and it’s called You Are Your Calendar. Tom Peters wrote some really amazing books, Engineering The Corporation and loads of other stuff. He’s world-renowned.

He has this great little video where he says, “Your calendar never lies. You can claim something as your priority, but if your calendar doesn’t reflect it, you’re lying to yourself.”

Here is the original video:

Change Happens in the Diary

I love this image from a guy called Paul Richmond, who runs the Gro Group. He was a speaker with me at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales conference recently.

He put up this slide, which is basically a calendar blocked out with three big chunks of precious time for dedicated, important projects.

He said, “Change happens in the diary.” The way he explained it was that you’ve got all these other things in your diary such as: client meetings, phone calls, lunch and everything else.

But what are really important are your key commitments? One, two and three are blocked out in your diary. These are what’s really important.

What you’re going to do with your business development activity is treat it like a priority. Treat it like a commitment. It’s sacrosanct. It’s precious. It’s untouchable. It must be done NO MATTER WHAT.

A lot of professionals do it if they’ve got time. If a little bit of time comes up in the diary, then they start talking about business development. You can’t afford to do that.

What Does Your Diary Look Like?

Here’s a calendar. This is my calendar for the week and I block stuff out. You can see my prospecting time, the calls that I’ve got to do and my family time. I’ve blocked out here.

You can also see my calendar for Action Boot Camp, so that’s my exercise. There are key big jobs that I’ve got to do. Financials is in there, quiet time, workout and stretching.

You see that I’m making time for the key commitments. I’ve not blocked in everything in the week, so I’ve left a little bit of time a little bit later in the week.

I’ve not got any delivery (client facing time) this week, which is great in a way. But that becomes prospecting time, marketing time and creating content time.

What are you doing to show that your calendar is reflecting your priorities? Don’t let the important stuff get swallowed up by the busyness of a reactive week.

Have a great BD day!


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