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1. What’s new in my life
AIR Global. AIR stands for Accounting Influencer Roundtable which is a mastermind group ran by Martin Bissett and myself. It consists of 14 UK accounting practitioners, software vendors and mentors/coaches to the profession. The group has generated £500K of business opportunities and priceless intelligence for one another over the last 18 months.We’re just launching an international equivalent and have 37 names who are receiving an invitation to take a look. If you know anyone who might be interested, let me know.

2. What I’m reading
Company of One by Paul Jarvis. When you think of ‘successful’ companies, you probably think of Apple, Nike, Amazon and other multi-nationals that are slowly taking over the world. While some new business owners dream of owning the next multi-national, those companies aren’t for everyone. Thanks to Mark Telford for this recommendation. There is much to be said for sailing your own ship and making it mostly about you.

3. What I’m listening to
How US Accountants Are Serving a $70bn Cannabis Market. Brilliant interview with Andrew Hunzicker and Naomi Granger of Dope CFO. Listen on iTunes, Spotify or any podcast app. And if you want full shownotes and takeaways, go here.

4. What I found interesting
Britain has 2.46m dollar millionaires. That’s the 4th highest number of dollar millionaires in the world according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report. UK residents are on average among the richest in the world. Switzerland topped the rankings with assets per adult of $564,650 (£439,252), followed by Hong Kong at $489,260 and the US at $432,370, with the UK ranked 9th. Australia fared worst (down $28,670). Overall, despite trade tensions, global wealth rose by 2.6% driven by the US and China (SOURCE: The Times)

5. What made me think
How long is the perfect handshake? Research suggests 3 seconds. Handshakes are still pretty mandatory in business and social encounters, but there are lots of ways to mess it up. Too firm, too soft, too long. Researchers from the University of Dundee found that handshakes longer than 3 secs can make social interaction awkward. The result? Less rapport and more anxiety. Short and sweet means strong bonds.

6. Quote I’m chewing on
“Would you rather have a million followers or 100 loyal followers?”
People brag about their LinkedIn connections, fans or names in their phone. But really, how many do they know? How many know them? How many mean something? There’s a lot to be said for quality over quantity. Don’t be sucked into thinking you’re popular or you’re making a difference by just the numbers.

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