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1. What’s going well for me
Podcast consulting. Podcasts are online radio shows. Audio beats video because you can engage while doing other things – jogging, commuting, cooking, gardening. Our Accounting Influencers podcast has been going over a year now and has around 5000 listeners all over the world. We’re just starting to attract sponsors and I’m been asked to advise firms and companies about their own podcast strategy. It’s a tricky but growing area of interest.

2. What I’m reading
Accountants most popular professional advisor with SMEs. Who do businesses turn to when they need help? Two-thirds hire an accountant, making them the professional adviser of choice. But a quarter only reach out when faced with a crisis. So be proactive? Nice article via Accountancy Daily explains more>>

3. What I’m listening to
Revolutionising the Accounting Software Landscape. Fascinating interview with Mark Edmondson on the Accounting Influencers podcast. It will help you make sense of the digital change that’s happening out there. Listen on iTunes, Spotify or any podcast app. And if you want full shownotes and takeaways, go here.

4. What I found interesting
Which UK city has the ‘chattiest’ people? Turns out it’s Liverpool. People there have longer mobile phone calls than anyone else in Britain (Ofcom). Conversations are 6:51 mins on average, which is 40% longer than Londoners who came second. But then nobody talks to anyone else in London, right?

5. What made me smile
Funny notices at work:
» Due to the confidentiality of my job, I’m not allowed to know what I’m doing.
» Everyone brings joy to this office – some when they enter and others as they leave.
» Warning – due to the shortage of robots, some of our staff are human and may react emotionally when abused.

6. Quote I’m chewing on
“Simplicity, not complexity is your friend.”
It was Jack Welch of GE fame that said ‘Any idiot can make something more complex’. I’m into simplifying and decluttering. One day I’ll attack my garage and my loft. For now, I’m starting with shelves, cupboards, sales proposals, emails and phone calls.

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