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1. What made me think
How quickly do you walk? According to the BBC, if your walking speed is slowing down, you’re ageing quickly. By testing gait speed, researchers can measure the ageing process. Keep a spring in your step and look sprightly.

2. What I’m reading
Great questions lead to great conversations. People that know me are aware I’m a committed Christian. So when my pastor sent me this article by the leader of one of the biggest churches in the US and said ‘your readers might be interested in this’ I was intrigued. As it turns out, it’s a brilliant guide to 5 great questions to ask people in conversations. It follows the letters in word SPEAK. Check it out here.

3. What I’m listening to
What Accountants Can Learn from Behavioural Economics. Terrific interview for the Accounting Influencers podcast with the accounting legend Steve Pipe. Full shownotes and audio here or check out on your favourite podcast app.

4. What I found interesting
Does BREXIT shape your views on leadership? Research by Britain Thinks found that ‘leavers’ value decisiveness as the top leadership quality. In contrast, ‘remainers’ voted integrity the highest. Other qualities rated highly by both sides were communication, self-awareness, vision, competence and inspiration.

5. What made me smile
A bad excuse for missing work. I once said to a boss: ‘It may look like I’m doing nothing, but in my head I’m quite busy.’ It didn’t go down too well. If you’re going to miss a day at work, be careful with your excuse, especially if it’s ‘there’s a death in the family.’ One boss reported that he had an employee whose mother had died, twice. The same employee also had the misfortune of losing all his grandparents -12 of them – during a two-year period.

6. Quote I’m chewing on
“You can find anything online for free but people will always pay for speed and convenience.”
Marketer Frank Kern said this. The easier you can make the lives of your clients and customers, the more they’ll pay. Speed stuns and wows. Convenience offers peace of mind and saved time. All worth paying for.

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