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Why Value Builds Relationships Which Builds Trust

What It Takes to Build Trust?

Rob Brown here for the BD Academy helping big law firms and accounting first win a lot more business. Today’s BD’s bullets number #5 is about creating business through trust. And how are we going to do that?

Well big mention to James Carbary at SweetFish Media, the podcast experts, who gave me this idea with a recent blog. It’s really nice thinking too and it makes so much sense.

Let’s track back trust and what it takes to actually build trust which is relationship. It’s rare we trust strangers. We value those who invest in us and want our best interests at heart.

What resource or currency do you build relationships with? It’s value. It’s making a difference to the partnership. It’s giving more than you take and helping more than you sell.

Here is the original video:

How to Create Value

There are two ways actually. First, Jim Carbary talks about creating content. Then I’m adding creating experiences. Here’s a summary of what that looks like:

Create relevant content. Creating thoughtful content on a consistent basis and that’s going to create value. That’s what brings people in. Think about a coffee shop. The smells. The Wi-Fi. The coffee. The atmosphere. It’s all great. It draws you into the brand.

Create a great experience. Create an experience for people who come across you. Make it delightful. Different. Perhaps a bit vibrant, edgy, informative or useful.

What is the experience like of when they come across you? Whether that’s hearing about you or talking to you, seeing something that you created.

You create content. You create experience. All that then creates relationship.

Creating Relationships Develops Trust

‘Relationship’ is when you target audience, your prospects. They consume and devour the experience. They consume that content and guess what? They like it, because it’s useful.

And they come back for more. Now it’s time to develop relationship. It develops over time, doesn’t it? What does that do? Well it gives you trust.

Trust ultimately is when decision-makers trust you with their budget, with their business, with their ideas, with their intimate secrets and with their problems. That’s trust.

If you want more business, create more trust. If you want more trust, create more relationships. And if you want more relationships add more value.

You Vz Them

Here’s the final distinction here. Make it more about you than them. What do we mean by that? Well, if you are always talking about you, people will switch off quite quickly.

Yes, you’ve got some great products and services, you can make a difference. So start to talk more about the problems that you solved.

Talk about the situations that your clients face themselves and there are lots of ways to do that. James Carbary would recommend a podcast. That’s terrific. You don’t have to go that far.

Little videos or blogs like this make a big difference. They add value and think about the problems that your prospects are encountering and the situations they find themselves in.

How could you speak into that? That might lead to you offering your products and your services. It might just be a standalone piece of advice that makes a difference for them.

That’s BD Bullets number five done. Add value, create an experience and happy business developing!


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