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How to Take a healthy Long Term View to Winning Business

How to Take a healthy Long Term View to Winning Business

Success in BD Is NOT an Instant Thing

Let’s talk about taking a long term view when you are in the business of winning work. Overnight successes actually don’t happen overnight.

There’s a lot of hard work gone into someone that’s an overnight success. Success doesn’t happen quickly. It happens over time.

Oftentimes, success happens gradually. There’s a fair amount of heavy lifting as you grow your business development capability, as you grow your network and you grow your profile.

BD, building your profile and personal brand, establishing your network, winning new clients – these things take time. It’s a slow burn.

Success also happens as a result of doing lots of hard work, but it’s got to be the right kind of work, strategic work and work that really works. We’re talking about business development stuff.

Being consistent is important. Once you know the right ways for you to develop your business then you do should that consistently.

Here is the original video:

Everybody Is Different

The best BD and work winning results come about by doing it your way with your skills and your weapons.

You’re different to me, to your colleagues, to your competitors. The way I build business is not going to be exactly the way you build business.

You’ve got a different personality, got different weapons, different objectives, different locations, different prospects.

You’re unique in your goals and your resources. So you’ve got to do it your way.

All ways are good; you’ve just got to find the way to make it work.

Play a Long Term Game to Grow Your Portfolio

In wrapping up, play a long term game. Focus on a few methods. They say that the person that chases after three or four rabbits won’t catch any.

Pick a lane, chase after one rabbit, find one or two ways that really work for you. It could be:

  • putting on your own business events
  • having cups of coffee with people
  • attending more networking events
  • doing some social media
  • working it on LinkedIn
  • creating thought leadership and blogs
  • leveraging your existing network for referrals
  • going to your clients and having referral conversations with them.

There’s loads of different ways, but focus on the methods that work. FOR YOU!

Fine Tune what Works and do BD Little and Often

Once you’ve got stuff that’s working, fine tune what’s working because you’re on to something there. You’ve got to make that better.

Finally, do your BD little and often. It’s no good doing an hour once a week and then forgetting about it for the rest of the week. It’s a trickle thing.

Good BD is keeping the pot bubbling a little bit each day. Drip drip drip vz going big for 5 hours and then doing nothing else for the rest of the month.

Nine minutes a day on LinkedIn – google that for loads of great ways to spend 9 minutes growing your connections and your profile.

If you put nine minutes a day into your networking and your relationships, you will create something massive in six to twelve months. But get started.

Have a great BD day.


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