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seb fox on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

Coaching Better Business Development in Accounting Firms

Sebastian Fox is coach to professional service teams on interviewing clients and developing strategies to improve relationships. In this interview with Accounting Influencers host Rob Brown, Seb gives valuable insights for better business development and winning work. Listen in for a better BD focus in your accounting firm…

trent mclaren on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

Growth and Success Strategies for Hungry Accounting Firms

Trent McLaren is a global thought leader to the accounting profession. In this interview with show host Rob Brown, Trent shares how technology is changing the accounting industry throughout the world. He also offers valuable insights on how accountants can win more business and serve their clients much better…

mark wickershamon the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

Pricing Psychology and Proven Strategies for Accountants

Mark Wickersham is one of the world leading authorities on pricing for accountants. In this episode, Accounting Influencers host Rob Brown invites Mark to share practical strategies to help accountants increase profits and price more strategically. This is a highly rated episode – Mark delivers tons of great content…

dave fisher on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

Leading Business Development in a Large Accounting Firm

Rob Brown interviews Dave Fisher, an experienced BD Director of large UK accounting firm who shares work winning tips and sales strategies for increasing business development capability across the firm via networking, referrals, LinkedIn and reputation. With 37 years of banking experience, Dave knows just what it takes to win work!

Rob Brown host on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast

Accounting Influencers – Making Good Accounting Firms Great

Rob Brown is founder of the BD Academy, which trains accountants to be confident and effective work winners. He is also host of the popular Accounting Influencers podcast. Here he shares his vision for the show and how he’ll be interviewing top accounting leaders and influencers about what makes the good firms great…