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29: Why It’s Truly the Most Exciting Time to Work in Accounting

Jennifer Warawa (Sage) answers questions from Accounting Influencer podcast host Rob Brown on how Sage are helping firms change and lead with technology. Jennifer’s passion is huge for the accounting profession right now. You’ll love her practical insight and tips for what the best accounting firms really stand out!

28: The Power of Culture & Discipline in a Niche Accounting Firm

Paul Barnes (MAP) answers questions from Accounting Influencer podcast host Rob Brown on his innovative firm, My Accountancy Place. Specialising solely in design agencies, Paul shares refreshing ideas on accounting culture, sales, hiring, niching, discipline and what’s really working for the successful firms. Listen…

27: How Accountants Can Tell the Real Stories Behind the Numbers

Richard Newman (Born to Speak) shares his communication secrets with Accounting Influencers podcast host Rob Brown. Richard is author of the book ‘Born to Speak’ and reveals how accountants can make their work relevant and impactful for clients by making the numbers come alive with passion, stories and good delivery…

26: What Accountants Can Really Learn from Behavioural Economics

Rob Brown interviews accounting legend Steve Pipe on what the best accountants do that the rest don’t. Steve founded accounting network AVN and speaks globally about the impact accountants can make as a force for good. In this show, Steve shares research on what really makes the difference for very best accountants…

25: The Merits of Accounting Compliance in a Digital World

Rob Brown interviews Alan FitzGerald, accounting strategist and accounting software advisor on the joys of the accounting profession. The conversation ranges from software, pricing and recruitment to cross-selling, compliance and careers. Hear Alan’s passion and wisdom on what makes good accountants and firms great!

24: Proven Growth Strategies for Progressive Accounting Firms

Rob Brown interviews Rob Nixon, adventurer and coach of choice for accountants worldwide. Rob is passionate, outspoken, results-oriented and brings real life success examples to everything he says. Big on KPIs and focusing on doing exactly what works, Rob knows what makes good accountants great in a fast paced world…

23: What the Banks Think of Accountants and Small Businesses

Rob Brown interviews Richard Bearman – COMING SOON!

22: How Top Accounting Firms Are Moving to Cloud Accounting

Rob Brown interviews Matt Flanagan, leading software advisor to accounting firms and tech vendors. WIth MTD and the digital revolution, he knows what best practice looks like for tech adoption and the move to clout accounting. He also sees a lot of problems and mistakes! Listen and learn what will make you stand out…

Maria Lauring on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

21: How Top Accounting Firms Are Innovating with Technology

Rob Brown interviews Maria Lauring of Practice Ignition on what leading accounting firms are doing to embrace technology and drive innovation. Learn about the power of ecosystems and how top accounting firms who innovate and position themselves as tech-savvy in the market can gain a competitive advantage. Listen now…

Neil Robertson on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

20: Neil Robertson – Accounting Entrepreneur

Rob Brown interviews Neil Robertson, CEO of Compleat Software. He is passionate about financial competence in accounting firms to positively impact the end client. He knows where accounting firms succeed and fail, and shares his insights in this interview…

Chris Hooper on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

19: Chris Hooper – Accounting Futurist

Rob Brown interviews Chris Hooper, accounting futurist and sought-after advisor to accounting firms globally. Chris speaks all over the world and is an evangelist for change and innovation in the accounting profession. He is outspoken, entertaining and thought-provoking on what makes the good accounting firms great…

Mark Holton on the BD Academy top 100 club accounting podcast with Rob Brown

18: Mark Holton – Expert on Accounting Advisory

Rob Brown interviews Mark Holton, practising accountant of 35 years and a world-leading taxation consultant. Mark advises firms globally on the optimum structure to secure more advisory work and better client engagement. If you want to offer more lucrative value-added services to your firms offering, tune in…