The Accounting Influencers Podcast is a weekly radio show hosted by Rob Brown that interviews a range of accountancy and fintech influencers, vendors, gurus, suppliers and experts who serve the accounting community to ask what makes the GOOD firms and the GOOD accountants GREAT.

The Accounting Leaders Podcast is a monthly radio show hosted by Rob Brown that interviews firm-wide leaders and heads of functions in large accounting or CPA firms, plus leaders of accounting networks, alliances and associations on their journey, visions, role and strategies.

Topics of discussion include pricing, business development,  leadership, growth, success, culture, positioning, branding, digital marketing, technology, recruitment, trends and engagement.

Topics of discussion include vision, strategy, value, leadership, succession, growth, success, legacy, culture, positioning, branding, differentiation, mindset, technology, recruitment, trends,  engagement, influence and reputation.

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