Generate £10-20m of New Business for Your Firm by Creating an Army of Confident, Effective Work Winners

Launch a world class inhouse business development training academy with a proven track record and a solid methodology built around high level networking, referral generation, increased differentiation and reputation building...


Are you responsible for generating new business and winning work at your professional firm?

Winning work does not come naturally to most accountants and lawyers. yet the capacity to bring in new clients for your firm is a key part of your role. The good news is, business development is coachable. But it must be done properly if you want to equip people to win work confidently, effectively and sustainably. 

A one-off training workshop or a bit of internal coaching is not going to move the dial. After 15 years of training professionals on networking, referrals and reputation building, the most powerful and transformational approach is an inhouse business development training academy.  Click below to find out more...

Check out the latest episodes of the PROFESSIONAL FIRM ACCELERATOR podcast, giving you exactly what makes large accounting and law firms thrive in today's competitive world...

24: Proven Growth Strategies for Progressive Accounting Firms

Rob Brown interviews Rob Nixon, adventurer and coach of choice for accountants worldwide. Rob is passionate, outspoken, results-oriented and brings real life success examples to everything he says. Big on KPIs and focusing on doing exactly what works, Rob knows what makes good accountants great in a fast paced world…

25: The Merits of Accounting Compliance in a Digital World

Rob Brown interviews Alan FitzGerald, accounting strategist and accounting software advisor on the joys of the accounting profession. The conversation ranges from software, pricing and recruitment to cross-selling, compliance and careers. Hear Alan’s passion and wisdom on what makes good accountants and firms great!

26: What Accountants Can Really Learn from Behavioural Economics

Rob Brown interviews accounting legend Steve Pipe on what the best accountants do that the rest don’t. Steve founded accounting network AVN and speaks globally about the impact accountants can make as a force for good. In this show, Steve shares research on what really makes the difference for very best accountants…

27: How Accountants Can Tell the Real Stories Behind the Numbers

Richard Newman (Born to Speak) shares his communication secrets with Accounting Influencers podcast host Rob Brown. Richard is author of the book ‘Born to Speak’ and reveals how accountants can make their work relevant and impactful for clients by making the numbers come alive with passion, stories and good delivery…

28: The Power of Culture & Discipline in a Niche Accounting Firm

Paul Barnes (MAP) answers questions from Accounting Influencer podcast host Rob Brown on his innovative firm, My Accountancy Place. Specialising solely in design agencies, Paul shares refreshing ideas on accounting culture, sales, hiring, niching, discipline and what’s really working for the successful firms. Listen…

29: Why It’s Truly the Most Exciting Time to Work in Accounting

Jennifer Warawa (Sage) answers questions from Accounting Influencer podcast host Rob Brown on how Sage are helping firms change and lead with technology. Jennifer’s passion is huge for the accounting profession right now. You’ll love her practical insight and tips for what the best accounting firms really stand out!

Accountants & Lawyers - Want to Really Make Your Networking Count?

Discover how to win lots more work and create lots more opportunities WITHOUT the usual networking rejection, awkwardness and wasted time...

Business networking is the lifeblood of new work for accountants and lawyers. yet few do it well, and get stressed by the time and effort it takes away from your fee-earning work. This 30 page special report gives you 10 solid strategies to ensure you get the results and yes, the income, sales and new business, you truly want from your networking.

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