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Wednesday Wonders weekly insights for accounting leaders and influencers from Rob Brown

Here’s our Wednesday Wonders newsletter for Wed Nov 7. It’s a review of interesting stuff that’s caught my eye in the accounting world:

1. This caught my eye
What’s the most advanced digital society in the world? Try Estonia. This article covering the latest global digital summit reports on the social and political impacts. It’s a great (and quick) read for accounting influencers and leaders to stay abreast of the digital revolution.

2. Did you know this?
Omnishambles. This was one of 203 entries added to the Oxford English Dictionary recently. It derived from a UK political TV comedy called ‘The Thick of It’ and is defined as ‘a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged’. Remind you of anything?

3. What I’m listening to
Success Insights from a Leading Small Accounting Firm Owner. Really enjoyed this interview with Mark Telford, a leading UK’ accountancy mentors and practitioner. Listen on iTunes, Spotify or any podcast app. And if you want full shownotes and takeaways, go here>>

4. What I found interesting
Is working from home all good? With flexible working and ‘virtual roles’ now commonplace, there are many benefits of avoiding the commute. But are there any downsides? Yes, says The Economist – it’s harder to stay connected. A UN report that found 41% of remote workers suffered from high stress levels, compared to 25% of office employees. Isolation. Lack of human contact. To mitigate, make regular and meaningful communication with colleagues a priority. Hearing and seeing people beats text based comms in building relationships.

5. What made me think
How do you cope with small talk? It oils the wheels of conversation. It greases the wheels of working life. It kickstarts relationships. Yet we’ve all become good at avoiding it. You know the signs. Staring at computer screens. No eye contact. Headphones on. It’s bad. Small talk builds rapport and trust. But it’s not easy for some. That’s why I liked these 48 questions that make awkward small talk so much easier.

6. Quote I’m chewing on
“If you want people to make decisions they’ve never made before, you need to get them in a place they’ve never been before.”
Love this from Frank Bria. If you’re selling advisory services or wanting to cross-sell better to your clients, you should bear this in mind.

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