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Celebrating Wins Is a Brilliant Way to Add Value to Clients

Celebrating Wins Is a Brilliant Way to Add Value to Clients

Celebrate Wins to Add Value to Your Clients

The word is celebration. It’s one of the great ways to add value to your clients, colleagues and to the people in your network. Your birthday might come and go with few comments. But if one of your suppliers, providers, advisors or partners wished you well, you’d be pleasantly surprised.

Such a gesture would give them a legitimate reason to drop into your ‘everyday’. To get on your radar. To remind you that they are around. To build the relationship between you both. To squeeze out their competition. It’s a great ‘value add’. Which is good, because everyone is talking about value.

When you stand with them to mark a great outcome, result or landmark, they associate you with good things. They think of you in positive ways. It’s a good touchpoint that’s emotionally charged with empathy, encouragement and support.

Here is the original video:

Acknowledging Landmarks and Key Dates

What can you celebrate? Think about the great things that you’ve done for the clients and all the great things that they’re going through. Celebrations come round every year for all kinds of things. They’re called anniversaries. What about their one, two, five, ten-year anniversary for any of these landmark events:

  • Anniversary of winning their first client
  • Anniversary of when they incorporated their company or started in business
  • Anniversary of when they hired the first or most important employee
  • Anniversary of when they won their first big sale or contract
  • Anniversary of when they opened a new market or new office.

What about personal landmarks like wedding anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, kid’s anniversaries, the day they got their first dog? These are all kinds of things that you can celebrate with your clients.

How Exactly Do You Celebrate?

Here’s the list of things that you can do to celebrate with them:

  • Send a little congratulations card (by mail, or drop it by in person)
  • Write them a little letter or email
  • Drop them a voicemail
  • Bring them a box of cakes, donuts or cookies
  • Take them a little pie or a fruit pie with three sparklers in it.

It’s cause for celebration! And you will surprise clients and colleagues by just coming in with a little gift. It doesn’t need to take much, even if it’s a cup of coffee, a pie or a cream, cake or a donut, a biscuit or a cookie, or a sandwich.

Surprise people. Celebrate stuff. If you collect all these soft facts on people, their favourite football team, favourite colour, favourite golf club and all kinds of stuff like that, you can create lots and lots of reasons to celebrate.

Have a Celebration Account

One of the things I’ve started recently is to put £500 into a marketing or celebration account. I’ve not physically done it but I’ve got a budget. And I’m buying people books on Amazon. So, you go on Amazon, you can get them gift wrapped if you want to, but you need their address.  You go on Amazon and spend money on a book.

£15 is the most I’ve spent. But to a really special person who’s introduced me to some business. Isn’t that worth it? Now, that just is a real gift. They don’t know that it’s coming. It turns up in an Amazon box. It’s gift-wrapped, even better. But you don’t have to.

What are some of your relationships worth? If they’re great referral sources or great clients. If they really get you. If they’re advocates or champions. Or even you trying to build a relationship with them when you want to impress them. Think about celebrating with them. Think about thanking them. And hopefully that will get your mind going on a few possibilities.

Go find something or someone to celebrate, and have a great BD day!


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