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Success and BD Strategies for Accounting Firm Leaders, Influencers & Work Winning Accountants

5 Great Ways to Build Your Online Brand

5 Great Ways to Build Your Online Brand

To win business for your accounting or law firm, you need to have a strong online brand. You can’t afford to be anonymous. This quick video shows you how…

Effectively Following Up Your Proposals & Meetings

You’re referred to or network with a good prospect. You follow up, have a meeting, send a proposal, then nothing. How to you turn that into business?

Short Overview of a High ROI BD Training Program

If you wanted to add up to £5m of new client revenue to your law, accounting or similar firm over the next 3-5 years, here is the very best way to do it…

The Challenge of Winning Work for Professional Firms

What’s the #1 Challenge Facing Professional Firms Today? #1 is usually the need for more business coming through your doors. Few challenges can’t be solved by bringing in more of the right clients. With the capacity to win work, you drive growth, increase profits and have a say in your future. However, whether you call it selling, business…

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BD Insights – The Origins of Professional Rainmaking

In law and accounting firms, you probably have to BILL work and WIN work. This is rainmaking. But what does rainmaking really mean and can anyone do it?

Proof that Most Business Development Training Fails

Business development training for lawyers, accountants or similar professionals is a good idea. Sadly most sales-related training fails. Here’s the proof…

bd academy for top 100 accounting firms, networking, referrals, business development, fee growth, cross selling, reputation, personal branding

The Very Best Way to Train Work Winners in Your Firm

Professional firms wanting to train their people in BD and winning work have several options. Only one works. The rest don’t ‘move the dial’ or yield ROI…

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Moving From Technical Professional to BD Warrior

Moving from technical expert to work winning rainmaker is one few professionals make with ease. Answer these four questions to see if you can do it…

Why You Need 500 or More Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best and easiest networking tools for professionals like accountants and lawyers. Getting to 500+ connections is vital. Here’s why…