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About the Business Development Academy & Rob Brown

Watch this quick 3 min video for a personal introduction from Rob Brown to this BD Academy website. Rob gives you a brief overview of the services he offers to professional firms, networks, associations and events. These cover his training, keynote speaking, webinars, moderating, chairing and his general expertise in growth, sales, personal branding, business development and lead generation for professional firms.

To speak to Rob personally about any of these services, you can contact him here or reach out to him directly on LinkedIn here.

Rob Brown keynote speaker, event MC, BD Academy founder

Who is Rob Brown?

Rob Brown is founder of the Business Development Academy, which trains busy technically smart professionals to be confident, effective work winners. He speaks internationally on trust, likeability, reputation, networking, collaboration and sales. He is the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation and his TEDx talk ‘The Personal Brand of You' has been viewed 250K times on Youtube.

Rob hosts two interview-based podcasts and is a professional host, moderator and chair for both F2F and virtual events, conferences and panel discussions. He is a committed Christian, a black belt in kickboxing, enjoys backgammon, loves chocolate orange and is allergic to both cats and grapefruit.

90 Day Pipeline lead generation and business development training program from Rob Brown and the BD Academy for accountants, lawyers and consultants

What exactly is the 90 Day Pipeline training?

The 90 Day Pipeline is the BD Academy's flagship training program for winning business in tough covid times. It's an online virtual training program for busy professionals like accountants, lawyers and consultants with work winning responsibilities.

The outcome is to generate a PIPELINE of £50-100K of new client opportunities in 90 days using new world virtual selling and remote business development strategies that work in the non-contact situations you now find yourself in.

The training covers 6 critical phases of new client acquisition delivered through online videos, weekly coaching, checklists/scripts and ongoing accountability.

motivational keynotes for professional firms from BD Academy founder Rob Brown on leadership, winning business and mental resilience

Need a motivational keynote or webinar?

Rob Brown is an accomplished presenter on reputation, winning business, growth, recovery and resilience for professional firms and networks. His keynote talks and webinars are highly engaging, interactive and visual. They work equally well for both virtual and F2F events.

His 3 most popular talks are (1) WINNING NEW BUSINESS IN TOUGH TIMES - market yourself & win work in a ‘non-contact’ remote world (2) EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP IN TOUGH TIMES - manage & lead optimally in chaos, uncertainty & disruption) and (3) BUILDING MENTAL RESILIENCE IN TOUGH TIMES - develop mental strength & cope better with change & uncertainty.

Rob Brown - professional moderator, chair, host and host for virtual and in person F2F events with professional firms, networks and associations

Need a professional moderator/host/chair?

Rob Brown is an experienced interviewer and broadcaster who is engaged by event organisers to chair conferences, moderate panel discussions and interview key guests, sponsors and leaders.

During Covid, he chaired 24 virtual roundtables with influential leaders of global accounting networks and associations. Topics covered the pandemic impacts and opportunities for firms, what good and bad leadership looks like, the need for mental resilience, enhancing your brand and staying relevant in tough times.

He is an engaging, dynamic and professional host who will ‘front’ your events, maximise engagement and be a strong ambassador for your brand.

Want great professional insights 'on the go'?

Rob Brown is a host of the popular podcast Accounting Influencers, which now has over 120 episodes and 5500 regular listeners around the world. His weekly shows interview top accounting leaders, experts and global influencers about what makes the good firms great and the good accountants world class.

Topics are usually around growth, tech, leadership, culture, succession, talent, trends, challenges and opportunities. You can check out any episodes on this site or on all podcast sites like itunes, Spotify etc and all podcast apps. Almost all shows are 20-25 mins max and perfect for professional development and insights for those in accountancy and fintech.

Want a 'stand out' trusted personal brand?

Rob Brown is a featured TEDx speaker and his signature 18 min keynote The Personal Brand of You has been viewed over 250,000 times on YouTube. TED is a worldwide organisation dedicated to 'Ideas Worth Spreading' from the world's most renowned thought leaders and speakers on key topics.

In this live talk, Rob shares schoolteacher background and his 'RED BOX' approach to stand out in a crowd. If you can lead with and talk about those things that are unique to you, then your competition will find it very difficult to copy or claim what you're doing. This gives you significant points of difference and ultimately a strong competitive advantage.

Rob Brown, author of bestselling book Build Your Reputation with Wiley Press

Want to build your personal reputation?

Rob Brown is the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation - Grow Your Personal Brand for Career and Business Success, with Wiley, the world's largest business publishers. The book is endorsed by Sir John Peace, Chairman of Standard Chartered and Burberry, and is available on Amazon etc.

Standing out and increasing influence in professional or corporate environments is hard for employed executives. There are rules to follow, games to play and shortcuts to follow. This is a playbook to get noticed with your ideas, your strengths and your skills to build valuable career capital and expand your career options.

Rob Brown, chair of the Accounting Influencers Roundtable

Join the Accounting Influencers Roundtable

Rob Brown is a co-founder and Chair of the Accounting Influencer Roundtable (AIR), an international mastermind group of suppliers, coaches, consultants, trainers, advisors, experts, software providers, fintech vendors and thought leaders in the world of accounting. The AIR Group shares insights, creates strategic partnerships and brokers alliances for its members. In creating member revenue opportunities, it has a track record of accelerating business objectives and goals.

If you sell or serve TO/THROUGH accountants, you may wish to join the AIR free Whatsapp group (currently 130 members) or join one of our quarterly open zoom calls with vibrant discussions on challenges/opportunities in the profession.

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