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5 Great Ways to Build Your Online Brand

5 Great Ways to Build Your Online Brand

The Importance of Being Found Online

Today is about five great ways to build your online brand. You need to be found. It’s no good being anonymous, it doesn’t serve your purposes in terms of getting more clients, raising your profile, building better relationships. You can’t do it by being anonymous, so you’ve got to build your profile. And where better to do that online. Why? Because everybody is online.

Everybody is going to the first page of Google and people are checking you out. People want to know who you are, what you do, and if they come across you they are going to be doing some due diligence, a little bit of research. So, you need to be found.

If people Google you and find nothing, that’s not a good sign. So here are five things to do over the next year. Just a few minutes each day will really build your online brand in the coming year or so.

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Reach Out to More People and Make More Comments

  1. Send more connection requests. LinkedIn is your best bet for an online profile. It’s the world’s largest professional business directory. So, start reaching out to people and start thinking about the people you want to do business with, the people that you’d like to know a little bit better, the people that you know vaguely but you need to build the relationship with a bit more. The people that you need to be talking too. Reach out, connect to them.
  2. Make more comments. There are loads going on on LinkedIn and many other sites around social media, but particularly on LinkedIn, people are posting stuff, they’re sharing ideas, they’re sharing things they do in the business. So comment on them. Post a note [inaudible 00:01:51], say something nice, say something positive, make a suggestion, give an alternative point of view, disagree or agree with something, endorse somebody in that way. It’s a great way to raise your profile because everything you do there starts another conversation.

Invite More People and Give More Value

  1. Send more invitations. Invite people to stuff. It could be a cup of coffee or a one to one. It could be to a networking event that you’re running. It could be to an event someone else is running. It could be an industry conference, could just be a webinar but it could be something. And if you don’t invite them, you’re going on your own or with somebody that you already know so send a lot more invitations out.
  2. Give RIRES. This stand for recommendations. introductions, referrals, endorsements and shout outs. Recommending people is fantastic. Talk to others about them. Introducing them to people, that’s the I. Bringing two people together is one of the most powerful things you can do for your network. Referral. That’s the solid one that is a really good piece of business that you recommend them. And E is an endorsement. On LinkedIn you can endorse people for skills, it’s really easy to do. They get a signal saying that you’ve endorsed them for a skill, makes you look good. And S is a shout out. So, if you met them, give them a shout out. Just put the @ sign and then their name, it should come up on LinkedIn, you can click on it and that flags up that you’ve spoken about them and said some nice things. So, RIRES, doesn’t spell a word, but you get the idea. So, give lots of those out.

Share Lots of Good Stuff

  1. Share SERKQLS. Start sharing stuff. Let’s go through these really quick.

S is a story. You’ve got loads of great stories.

E is an experience. You’ve got loads of great experiences. You’ve got resources. You’ve got knowledge. You’ve got quotes. You’ve got questions. Two things in one there.

L is a lesson. Something you’ve learned. You’ve failed. You’ve succeeded. You learned a life lesson. You noticed something.

S is a stat. A statistic. A trend. Something like that.

So, share lots of these. You can send them to people. You can post them in groups. You can put them on your own updates. You’re just sharing good stuff. All of this raises your profile. Two or three, five minutes a day. You started doing that for the month what would that do to your online personal brand? You would be famous in your areas of influence within two or three months.

So, that’s the action for you today. Don’t be anonymous this year. Up your game and raise your online brand. Have a great BD day.


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